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bobachat runs Synapse, the Matrix reference homeserver. Matrix is an open network for secure and decentralized communication.


When using a client not listed below, make sure to set the homeserver field to

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for the homeserver is available at


You can create an account on the homeserver at or any other Matrix client (such as Make sure that the field labeled Host account on says This is set by default on, but it won't be on other clients.

Note that you aren't limited to talking to just people on the homeserver. You can join any room, regardless of homeserver (rooms are duplicated between all the homeservers participating in them). People on other Matrix homeservers can also talk to you.


Spaces are a way to group rooms together easily. The official bobachat space (named "bobaspace") can be joined at If you want to join using an account on the homeserver, make sure that the field labeled Homeserver or Host account on is set to Note that you don't have to be using an account on the homeserver to join. You can join using an account on any Matrix homeserver, such as Users on the homeserver are automatically joined into bobaspace.